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Cop or Steward

Simulation Technology for Ecosystem Wellness through Antifragile Resource Deployment (STEWARD) blog series - part 7 of 7 (part 1)

As Cop26 ends in frustrated weeping, perhaps we should look elsewhere than national leadership for the large scale social change needed to address global warming. It may finally be time to rehabilitate the 1970s catch phrase "think global, act local" from its slough of despond.

The theory of Supercommunities shows how communities can become antifragile by using the energy of social trading to harness their capitals and assets. How might this apply to the climate crisis?

The are so many possible net zero strategies that could be applied at neighbourhood level - effectively, new forms of sharing economy for transport, food provision and storage, energy generation, upcycling and repurposing, and every other form of product and service. How could communities explore them? They need a simulation tool, that not only identifies cumulative impact on emissions but also highlights the funding opportunities to transform plans into reality.

However, existing tools (for example, SCATTER) are focused on accounting along conventional axes rather than on collaboration towards creative solutions. A major contribution to emissions reduction could come from small-scale, low-cost initiatives at the local level, but to prove this we need a simulation game for community strategies towards net zero - what I call Simulation Technology for Ecosystem Wellness through Antifragile Resource Deployment (STEWARD).

The Supercommunities methodology could provide rules for an open Web-based game (perhaps developed using EU open source game components). The Social Echoes that illustrate the model could provide inspiration. The Stakeitback principle that helps power the model could be used to find funding routes.

We are not powerless. Communities can save themselves. But they do need help - not from a bad Cop, but from a good STEWARD.

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