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Keith Harrison-Broninski

What I write and speak about:

The whole of recorded history tells the same story - states and oligarchs are in perpetual conflict over tax revenues and workforce, and in the end the oligarchs always win. This is the root cause of wars, inequality, and ecosystem destruction. Communities can and must realise their potential to change the game, by using their buying power, and employing open source technologies, to build antifragile holistic wellness for all - including and especially the disadvantaged.

Feedback from plenary keynote to Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2021:

  • "Totally inspiring - full of thought and prompts."

  • "Very interesting subject.  I learnt a lot from it."

  • "Great content that resonated with our organisation a lot."

  • "Very special approach to architecture."

  • "Really interesting concepts."

  • "Very good speaker. Very knowledgeable and came across well."


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Explainable, reliable AI chatbots

New AI chatbots represent an exciting opportunity to use new technology to improve society. But how we make them trustworthy?

13 October 2021


How to deal with technical debt in the modern age: not through the details of applications and infrastructure, but rather by thinking about true digital debt, the real-world impacts of system constraints in the light of social and technical mega-trends.

30 June 2021


By 2050, half the planet will be living on a knife edge. Communities cannot afford to wait for cash-strapped governments to address inequality and climate change. But how can they afford to take action themselves?

14 April 2021


Keith Harrison-Broninski in conversation about his career, culture, and communities. Keith is the Founder of Collaboration Tools Ltd and he is here to share his invaluable knowledge on social investments, shaping new cultures, lowering boundaries, and becoming more collaborative with others.

8 April 2021


This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Keith Harrison-Broninski. Keith Harrison-Broninski is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Enterprise Architect. His first book, "Human Interactions" (2005), was described by Information Age as "set to produce the first fundamental advances in personal productivity since the arrival of the spreadsheet". His latest book, "Supercommunities – a handbook for the 21st century" (2021), is described as "prophetic" by the President of the Business Architect Guild.

22 February 2021


Join us on 22 February to explore how communities can afford to take action to address inequality and climate change. While this event is now sold out, we recommend you sign up to the waiting list. We will assess ahead of the event and will hopefully be able to release tickets to as many people as possible on the waiting list.

supercommunities - mkpress - v6 - front



"We will need to replace short term thinking with long term planning and execution if we are to regain upward motion towards common benefit for everyone on Spaceship Earth. To begin, read this book!" Vint Cerf, Co-Inventor of the Internet
"Ranging from ancient history to economics to psychology to public policy ‘Supercommunities’ is both authoritative and highly readable. It puts our current challenges in context, shows why change is necessary and provides a trove of practical ideas for change makers." Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, The RSA
"Our politics and economics of 'me' must return to being about 'we', and this book shows us how." Professor Martin Parker, Lead, Bristol Inclusive Economy Initiative
"Supercommunities is timely and compelling as we look to build back better following the COVID-19 pandemic with resilience 'baked in' to our social and economic order." David Hayward Evans, Senior Advisor, UNICEF

"Handy and timely. An essential read." Andrew Keen, Author, entrepreneur, and host of KEEN ON podcast

"A truly important piece by Keith Harrison-Broninski on how small communities can thrive under stress." Phaedra Boinodiris, Author & Trust in AI Business Transformation Leader, IBM

“The ultimate self-help book for society and a handbook for those who want to understand how to change it.” Jim Stikeleather, Author & Fmr. Chief Innovation Officer at Dell

"This book describes the nature of communities and gives a significant prescription for creating and maintaining healthy communities." Jim Sinur, Former Vice President, Gartner
"The community model will become the norm. This book explains where it comes from and how you can keep on going." Frits Bussemaker, Business Community Builder & D1G1T4L C0NN3CT0R
"In  'Supercommunities' Keith Harrison-Broninski succinctly targets the escalating challenges and risks facing communities today and well into the future. His perspective on communities needing to independently organize and become self-sustaining entities is prophetic." William Ulrich, Author & President of the Business Architect Guild

Published by Meghan-Kiffer Press, a research and publishing company tightly focused on innovation at the intersection of business and technology.

Forthcoming books in the Supercommunities series


Author, speaker, and consultant

Keith Harrison-Broninski February 2021.jpg

Keith Harrison-Broninski FRSA is an author, speaker, and consultant specialising in collaboration across organisational boundaries as well as social technology for wellness, community, and finance.

Keith's first book was "Human Interactions" (2005) Amazon (UK) Amazon (US)

  • "Set to produce the first fundamental advances in personal productivity since the arrival of the spreadsheet" (Information Age)

  • "The breakthrough that changes the rules of business" (Peter Fingar, author of "Business Process Management: The Third Wave")

  • "The overarching framework for 21st century business technology" (BP Trends)

  • "The next logical step in process-based technology" (Chair of the Workflow Management Coalition)

Keith went on to develop these principles for cross-boundary collaboration in further books and lead award-winning social enterprises for healthcare innovation, wellness, and community finance.

Keith's latest book "Supercommunities" (2021) brings together insights from recent academic research with original ideas about wellness, collaboration, and finance to explain how communities everywhere can become antifragile through social trading.


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